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Our platform matches clients with the right lawyers in a timely manner to suit their needs, reducing the time and costs to obtain legal help.

Historically, clients would gather a list of attorney names and profiles then begin calling. You’d be lucky if any of them answered the phone, and even luckier if the attorney who answered could support your specific legal problem.

But accessibility to legal services should be simple. That’s why we built Lawbrokr, the platform meant for you. The next time you’re in a stressful situation requiring legal help, Lawbrokr can support you.

Our platform mimics your everyday experiences so you can easily interact with lawyers. You can learn through the education centre, search with Lawbrokr’s easy to use interface, and connect with recommended lawyers who meet your needs.

We are here to bridge the gap between client expectations and attorney perceptions, to change the way you access lawyers, and to help close the justice gap.

The new era of legal is here and it starts with Lawbrokr.

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Our Culture

When a client needs legal support, the process to find help is confusing and outdated. At Lawbrokr we strive to break the barriers clients face when seeking legal services. With 77% of legal problems not receiving assistance, Lawbrokr can support clients around the globe through our world class solution that offers educational resources and matches clients, no matter their background, education, or income, with lawyers who are right for them.

Our Mission

Simplify the accessibility of legal services.

Lawbrokr's Mission
Lawbrokr's Vision

Our Vision

Consumers of legal services can connect anywhere, anytime, with a legal representative through Lawbrokr’s cloud technology platform.

Our Values

Meet the Leadership Team

Daniel Steinberg - Lawbrokr

Daniel Steinberg

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co-founder, CEO
James Ziavras - Lawbrokr

James Ziavras

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co-founder, CTO

Board of Directors

Bryan Kerdman - Lawbrokr

Bryan Kerdman

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Jack Newton - Lawbrokr

Jack Newton

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Simplify the accessibility of legal services.