Put Your Practice on Steroids

Ditch the time spent on non-billable hours. With Lawbrokr, lawyers make the first move, eliminating the guesswork on which clients are right for you.

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“I get FOMO every time I'm in a meeting and see a new opportunity come in from Lawbrokr”

How Solo Practitioners Leverage Lawbrokr

Operating your own practice is difficult, but finding new clients is even harder! Lawbrokr helps support Solo practice’s growth in three key areas:

Lawbrokr desktop platform


Leverage a tool that grows with your practice. Grab new business when you need it.

We’re different. Our lawyers make the first move, for the first time, you’re in control!


Meet your prospects where they are. Choose your preferred method.

You have three opportunities to win a case; Lawbrokr Messenger, Email, or Phone.


The journey starts on Lawbrokr, but these clients & their networks are yours.

Leverage the best customer experience tool on the market to create the first impression.

Ready to put your practice on steroids?

Simplify the accessibility of legal services.