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Legal Intake Solutions: 5 Alternatives to Consider

For lawyers and law firms, client intake is an essential part of managing their business.
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November 16, 2022

For lawyers and law firms, client intake is an essential part of managing their business. This process includes collecting data from clients, such as contact information, case details, and payment information. Traditional methods of collecting this information can be time-consuming and difficult to manage. Fortunately, there are several legal intake solutions available for law firms to streamline the process, and convert more leads into clients. Let’s take a look at some of the options. 

1. Online Forms

One of the most cost-effective ways to collect client information is to use online forms or surveys. These forms allow clients to fill out basic data such as name, address, phone number, etc., without having to meet in person with a lawyer or paralegal. Additionally, forms can be easily customized according to the specific needs of the firm and they can be used on any device (i.e., desktop computer or mobile phone). 

Tools & Software Solutions to review:

  • Lawbrokr - Build better client-facing workflows that help pre-qualify your leads before your intake staff takes control of the conversation
  • Contact Us Form - Capture text input information from prospective clients 
  • Google Forms - Automated survey tool 
  • Typeform - Robust logic forms that capture data through a no-code solution

2. Legal Intake Software 

Legal intake software makes it easy for lawyers and their staff members to collect client data from an online portal or website quickly. The software also allows for the secure storage of collected data which can be accessed by authorized personnel only. Moreover, it provides a platform where attorneys can easily review and organize new cases in one place instead of multiple locations (i.e., paper filing cabinets).  

Tools & Software Solutions to review:

  • Clio Grow - Eliminate data entry and non-billable tasks with customizable, public-facing online intake forms and other easy-to-use, time-saving features.
  • Lawmatics - Accelerate the growth of your law practice by engaging and retaining new clients faster than ever before. Lawmatics streamlines your processes so you can prioritize casework.
  • MyCase - MyCase law firm client intake forms eliminate all manual work, giving attorneys more time to serve more prospective clients and close more cases.

3. Automated Chatbots 

Chatbots are computer programs designed to simulate human conversations through natural language processing (NLP) techniques. They have become increasingly popular because they enable customers to receive answers quickly and conveniently without having to wait on hold for long periods of time or talk directly with a customer service representative. They are also great tools for collecting basic client information without requiring too much effort from the law firm's personnel members; they are typically quick and easy to set up and require minimal maintenance once they are operational. 

Tools & Software Solutions to review:

  • Intaker - Intaker’s cutting-edge lead capture technology establishes credibility straight away with interactive video segments at the start and end of every chat.
  • Gideon - With Gideon’s suite of tools, law firms can convert leads, schedule appointments, capture data, populate information into custom documents and automate manual processes
  • LawDroid - Use Our No-Code Platform to Answer Your Phone Calls, Capture New Leads, and Build Scalable Tools to Keep Your Customers Happy

4. Voice Recognition Technology 

Voice recognition technology is becoming increasingly popular among law firms as it simplifies the process of collecting data from clients when compared with traditional methods such as taking handwritten notes during meetings or telephone calls with potential clients. This technology helps reduce the amount of time spent on manual inputting while providing accurate recordings in real-time that can then be automatically transcribed into text format for easy retrieval later on by authorized personnel within the firm. Additionally, voice recognition technology eliminates potential transcription errors that might occur due to human error when manually entering data into a system (i..e typos or misheard words).  

Tools & Software Solutions to review:

  • Infraware - Our contracted team of experienced Transcriptionists and Editors in multiple highly specialized industries will transcribe your dictation, recording, or document and return it in the format of your choice.
  • Rev - Get fast, accurate transcripts and captions powered by AI. Integrate with Zoom, record on your phone, edit your files, and more.

5 . Artificial Intelligence Platforms  

AI platforms provide lawyers with access to powerful algorithms that help them make better decisions based on large amounts of unstructured legal data that would otherwise be difficult for humans alone to process efficiently. AI platforms are particularly useful in terms of contract analysis, document comparison, litigation prediction, legal research, etc. AI platforms provide lawyers with insights into how other attorneys have handled similar cases in the past which enables them more accurate predictions about future outcomes. Furthermore, AI platforms allow lawyers access to real-time analytics that give them valuable feedback regarding their performance which helps them optimize their processes over time.    

Tools & Software Solutions to review:

  • Spellbook.Legal - Spellbook uses GPT-3 to review and suggest language for your contracts, right in Microsoft Word.
  • Josef - Legal teams use automation to save time, scale their services and delight staff and clients.
  • Zuva - DocAI delivers contract intelligence to your product experience

Many different legal intake solutions available today can help lawyers streamline their processes while providing clients with more efficient services. From online forms/surveys, legal intake software, automated chatbots, voice recognition technology, and artificial intelligence platforms – there is certainly no shortage of options when it comes to finding the right solution for your firm's needs. Ultimately, each law firm must determine what works best for them based on their budget constraints and specific requirements. With these five alternatives in mind though – you now have an excellent starting point for making an informed decision about which solution is best suited for your practice!

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