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When you share your case with Lawbrokr, our algorithm connects you with a recommended lawyer who can support your legal needs, all within 24 hours.

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Lawbroker - Match with a Lawyer within 24 hours
Lawbroker - Match with a Lawyer within 24 hours

Consider Hiring a Lawyer

Finding the right lawyer is complex and expensive. Lawbrokr’s education centre shares some tips for when you’re thinking about hiring a lawyer.

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Of legal searches are
confusing, and time consuming
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your call
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Connect with a lawyer that is right for you, within minutes
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Network of Lawyers

We have relationships with lawyers that focus on supporting clients across a variety of different practice areas.

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Lawbroker - Match with a Lawyer within 24 hours
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Lawbrokr’s platform mimics everyday app experiences and eliminates the complexities of finding a lawyer who’s right for you.

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