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How Yang Law Offices Leverages Lawbrokr

Mickey Wong speaks on Yang Law's success with Lawbrokr. Addressing lead quality challenges, Lawbrokr's seamless integration impressed Yang Law, transforming customer experience and filtering out low-quality leads. The platform's estimated value, 10 to 20 times the investment, highlights its strategic role in optimizing operations for legal professionals in a competitive landscape.
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November 22, 2023

In a recent interview, we had the pleasure of conversing with Mickey Wong, the Operations Lead at Yang Law Offices. Mickey shared her insights into how her firm utilizes Lawbrokr and the remarkable results they've experienced. Yang Law Offices specializes in family law and intellectual property, tackling a diverse array of cases. Mickey's role within the firm is to optimize operations and technology to save time and enhance efficiency for her team. Let's delve into the discussion to learn more about their Lawbrokr journey.

Meet Mickey Wong

Mickey Wong introduces herself as the Operations and Tech specialist at Yang Law Offices, where they handle a wide range of legal cases, including family law and intellectual property. Her primary mission is to ensure the utmost efficiency within the firm, enabling her team to work more effectively and serve their clients better.

Challenges Faced Before Lawbrokr

Before adopting Lawbrokr, Yang Law Offices encountered challenges in acquiring quality leads. They were inundated with spam and low-quality inquiries. Recognizing the need for better lead quality, they began searching for solutions. This search ultimately led them to Lawbrokr.

Evaluating Software: Integration and User-Friendliness

As the tech-savvy member of the firm, Mickey's evaluation of new software is guided by two critical factors: ease of integration with their existing systems and the software's learnability for her team. Lawbrokr impressed her with its seamless integration, providing one of the quickest and easiest implementations she had experienced. The platform seamlessly integrated with their workflow, and the responsiveness of the Lawbrokr team to their requests made the entire process a positive experience.

The Customer Experience Transformation

Mickey highlights one key aspect she adores about Lawbrokr: the enhanced customer experience it offers to potential clients. With Lawbrokr, visitors to their website encounter a more streamlined and guided journey. They gain a clear understanding of the questions they need to consider when engaging with a law firm. This transformation has been pivotal in retaining potential clients who, in the past, might have clicked around the website aimlessly and eventually bounced. Now, they can access a well-designed, systematic approach to engaging with Yang Law Offices.

Unlocking the Value of Lawbrokr

Mickey estimates the value of Lawbrokr for her firm to be at least 10 to 20 times the investment if not more. The platform's ability to filter out low-quality leads has saved them significant time and resources. Additionally, the streamlined client engagement process at the beginning of the relationship has further boosted their efficiency. The value is evident in their ability to focus on high-potential cases and deliver superior service to their clients. The ROI, especially if they close just one of these cases, far exceeds the cost of the platform

Yang Law Offices' success story with Lawbrokr showcases the transformative power of innovative legal technology in streamlining operations and enhancing the client experience. By addressing the challenge of lead quality and seamlessly integrating into their workflow, Lawbrokr has become an invaluable asset. For legal professionals seeking to optimize their lead generation, filter out low-quality leads, and provide a superior customer experience, Lawbrokr proves to be a tool worth exploring. It offers a significant return on investment, making it a strategic choice for firms like Yang Law Offices looking to thrive in today's competitive legal landscape.

Check out the video below to see Mickey's full interview!

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