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Lawbrokr Releases Its First Legal Commerce Solution, The Lawbrokr Storefront. 

Today, Lawbrokr launches its first legal commerce solution, the Lawbrokr Storefront.
Published on
October 6, 2022

Today, Lawbrokr launches its first legal commerce solution, the Lawbrokr Storefront. After eight months of research and development through Lawbrokr Connect, a recommendation and matching platform, Lawbrokr releases a B2B solution that will power its newly minted “crowdsourced marketplace”, giving lawyers the opportunity to focus the client experience from the outset. With its mission to simplify the accessibility of legal services, Lawbrokr replicates its core feature set from Lawbrokr Connect (modernized flows + upfront client visibility), and marries it with convertible landing pages powered through one dedicated link for law firms. Businesses such as Shopify, Unbounce, Calendly, and Linktree, have created tools to help support the client journey, and customer experience. Lawbrokr draws inspiration from those simple yet functional tools across industries, and verticalizes it for the legal industry to help pre-qualify prospective clients during the top of the sales and marketing funnel. 

Through the Lawbrokr Storefront, law firms can seamlessly guide their clients through their dedicated legal services. Each Storefront comes with a law firms own dedicated link, my.lawbrokr. Your my.lawbrokr account leverages Lawbrokr’s technology to enhance your very first interactions with your prospective clients. This link should live everywhere you do, including but not limited to, Google, Legal Marketplaces, Social Channels, and Referral Sources. When clients have intent to purchase, your goal should be to keep them focused. Lawbrokr supports that interaction with a tailored experience that will drive higher conversions, and less shopping around.  

For administrative staff, Lawbrokr acts as a pre-qualification solution. By capturing upfront case data through Lawbrokr’s modern workflows, law firms can now review pertinent case details prior to engaging, helping save hours of administrative time on unqualified opportunities. Lawbrokr helps support lawyers unqualified cases by sending case details to its “Crowdsourced Marketplace” for alternative lawyers where it might suit fit, providing growth within their practices, all while supporting Lawbrokr’s mission to simplify the accessibility of legal services. 


Lawbrokr was started by Daniel Steinberg (Co-Founder, CEO), and James Ziavras (Co-Founder, CTO) in Toronto, Ontario. When asked about the inspiration behind the Lawbrokr Storefront Daniel said, “We created the Storefront to help lawyers convert better by mimicking consumer behaviour through online purchasing psychology.  

Daniel continued, “Launching a product that arms lawyers with tools that emulate other industries within their respective sales and marketing departments was integral for supporting how lawyers convert their prospective clients. Building with simplicity in mind, I’m excited to see lawyers adopt their Storefronts within less than two minutes to enhance their law firm’s client experience.” 


The Lawbrokr Storefront launched on October 6, 2022.

Visit for more information.


About Lawbrokr 

Founded in 2021, Lawbrokr was started by Daniel Steinberg and James Ziavras. Lawbrokr is a legal tech company focused on helping lawyers stay in control of their prospective clients through its Legal Commerce solution, the Lawbrokr Storefront. The Storefront focuses on mimicking consumer behaviour through online purchasing psychology, bridging traditional e-commerce shopping experiences with the legal industry to help convert prospective clients wherever they are. 


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Company Name: LAWBROKR, INC.

Contact Person: Daniel Steinberg


Country: Canada


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