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The Value of Consistent Communication

When thinking about consistent communication, it usually means two things; repetition and frequency.
Published on
February 21, 2022

Written by Daniel Steinberg

When thinking about consistent communication, it usually means two things; repetition and frequency. There’s a reason why tools like MailChimp and other marketing automation tools exist. Building out consistent messaging to remind those in need of your service is key to driving value to the end user. 

Legal is scary, confusing, and complicated for most. As a lawyer, it’s important to educate your prospective clients from the first conversation. This takes commitment. Not everyone is going to be a paid engagement, but if we think about how we as an industry can bridge the access to justice gap, upfront education is pivotal, especially when it comes to owning the client experience. 

✋ Raise your hand if you followed up with a client and they didn’t get back to you?


✋ Raise your hand if you put that client into an archive section assuming they found someone else?

I’m sure the majority of you reading raised your hands in both these scenarios. As a consumer of goods and services, how many times do companies follow up with you when you leave your cart full at checkout on an e-commerce website? 

Consistency is key. Even if you don’t purchase those goods that you left sitting in your cart, you showcased intent, and being present via consistent messaging continues to keep you and your law firm top of mind for when the consumer that you thought was a tire kicker is ready to make a purchasing decision. 

So how does diversification of spend and consistent communication play together? In my initial blog, I discussed the importance of creating a webbed networking effect so that these conversations become your most lucrative referral network.

If you continue to stay in communication and educate your potential clients that did not get back to you, you are bound to be top of mind, and in the top 1% of lawyers that focus on client acquisition, communication, and the customer experience. 

Never close the door! Set up automations, and continue to educate your prospects whether they sign a retainer with your firm or not! 

In my next post, I will focus on the relationship between lawyers and sales people. This topic will zero in on the importance of selling yourself/firm by differentiating yourself and thinking differently than the lawyer next door. 

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