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Why Short-Form Video is Essential to your Digital Marketing Strategy

Short-form video is an effective way for lawyers and law firms to market themselves in today’s digital world.
Published on
April 4, 2023

We partnered with Jessica Aries founder of ByAries to share 3 reasons why short-form video is essential to your digital marketing strategy:

  1. Video helps you build rapport and establish credibility with your clients
  2. Gives clients, a preview of what it’s like to work with you
  3. Easily repurposed and can be distributed across many platforms

Lawbrokr expanded on its conversation with Jessica, and provided further insights below in our most recent blog; Why short-form video is essential to your digital marketing strategy!

In the legal industry, digital marketing is essential. Potential clients are increasingly looking online for lawyers and law firms to help them with their legal needs. To stand out in a competitive market, it’s essential to have a well-rounded digital marketing strategy that includes short-form videos. Here’s why.

Short-form video is an effective way for lawyers and law firms to market themselves in today’s digital world. Videos can be used to present information about the firm or lawyer, provide educational content about legal topics, or showcase the firm’s successes in court cases. Videos are also versatile - they can be used on social media platforms, websites, and other digital channels.

The video also helps potential clients get to know the lawyers and staff better before they decide to use their services. This makes potential clients feel more connected to the law firm before they even visit, which can help create a sense of trust between the client and the lawyer or law firm immediately. By creating content that is engaging and entertaining as well as informative, potential clients are more likely to remember your brand when they need legal assistance in the future.

Videos also have the added benefit of helping SEO efforts; when a search engine crawls your website, videos may appear higher up in search results than static content like blog posts or webpages because search engines view videos as more rich content than text alone can provide. If you invest in creating video content for your website or social media pages, you may see an increase in organic traffic from people who find your videos through searches on Google or other search engines.

Investing in the short-form video is becoming increasingly important for lawyers and law firms looking to grow their digital presence and attract new clients online. Not only does it create engaging content that helps build relationships with existing and potential clients but it can also help boost your search engine rankings as well. So if you want your digital marketing strategy to stand out among competitors truly, short-form video should be considered an essential part of your plan moving forward.

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