Lawbrokr vs. Intake Forms

Lawbrokr is pre-screening software for law firms that optimizes and enhances a traditional intake process. Lawbrokr offers a level of pre-screening efficiency that intake forms simply can't match.

May 2, 2023

Improved intake efficiency

Lawbrokr is designed to pre-screen leads before they reach the intake stage. This reduces the workload of legal teams by weeding out unqualified leads before they are invited into a time-intensive consultations or an intake process. 

Heightened engagement. Better conversion.

Another benefit is that the Lawbrokr pre-screening workflows have a much lower friction level than traditional data-intensive, list-style forms. With Lawbrokr, potential clients can quickly and easily move through a series of simple questions in a quiz-like format. 

Research into consumer psychology has shown that a quiz experience is more engaging than a traditional list-style form. As potential clients click through the quiz, they gain insights into their legal needs, as well as a deeper understanding of the benefits of legal expertise. This encourages them to move forward in their legal journey. 

By contrast, traditional intake forms can be lengthy and require a large amount of information to be entered manually. By reducing friction, Lawbrokr increases engagement and improves conversion rates.

Valuable data insights 

Lawbrokr provides valuable data specifically relevant to law firms. This includes which legal marketplaces are driving the most leads, which practice areas are most in demand, and insights into which qualifying questions are performing well, and which aren’t. Most law firms do not collect or aggregate the data available to them on intake forms so do not receive the benefit of potential insights from their pool of prospective clients.