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From 0 to 20+ attorneys through improved efficiency

The CYA Law Firm is a relatively new practice with the audacious goal of becoming a statewide Florida firm of 25 attorneys within the next 3 years. Al Martinez, Managing Partner, has his eyes set on increasing operational inefficiencies and putting his money where his mouth is when it comes to digital advertising.
Published on
May 9, 2023

Learning from mistakes

CYA Law Firm started in May 2022. The early days saw the firm investing money in a variety of marketing initiatives, everything from Google, to Yelp, to social media, and other marketplace platforms. Early on, the firm realized that without a strategy, they weren’t generating the right type of leads. They were spending a lot of time sifting through spam, fake leads, or people who were looking for a lawyer in another domain of expertise.

“I’d spend my time calling, following up via email, only to realize that most of the stuff  coming through was garbage. It was incredibly frustrating!” 

Trying a new approach

Once CYA Law Firm decided to focus more on organic traffic, their team began building a network with other attorneys to help them determine best practices for business growth. This included everything from the right technologies, to network groups for referrals, and more. 

“These groups helped me invest in the proper technology for my firm.” 

CYA implemented Clio Grow and Clio Manage with the goal of leveraging Clio Scheduler so they would stop getting inundated with leads that weren’t a good fit. But this didn’t eliminate all the bad leads, and Al realized they might be disincentivizing people that were genuinely looking to leverage their services. It was hit and miss. 

“It comes down to education. The more I can guide the client through the legal journey and my services, the more I can advise them.” 

One member of CYA Law’s attorney group suggested they consider pre-screening software to better understand and qualify their leads. The goal was to save time on dead-end consultations and gather insights into lead sources and consumer engagement.

Finding the way forward

CYA Law Firm implemented Lawbrokr to act as the bridge between a prospective client’s questions and CYA’s services. Al thinks of Lawbrokr as the “Director of First Impressions” for their law practice. 

Lawbrokr’s pre-screening software funnels leads directly into Clio Grow. This helps CYA Law quickly weed out poor quality leads, refer leads that aren’t a fit to other lawyers, and engage in productive consultations with those that are the right fit. 

“It helps me and my team be more efficient, and get in front of the right people at the right time for the right reasons.” 

Return on investment

There are a few different ways for law firms to think about the overall return on investment when it comes to a pre-screening software like Lawbrokr. 

  1. Time saved on dead-end consultations 
  2. Opportunity cost of other billable clients
  3. Web traffic conversions 
  4. Higher lead-to-client conversion 

CYA Law Firm monitors ROI on an annualized basis. But based on quick napkin math, Al estimates that he recouped the cost of Lawbrokr in a week by spending ~4 hours less in dead end consultations and filtering out garbage leads prior to the endless back-and-forth of emails and phone calls. 

“I’m converting clients more seamlessly, allowing our firm to grow sustainably and drive revenue that allows us to be adaptable” 

Curious to see how Lawbrokr eliminates dead-end consultations and provides valuable lead insights? Schedule a free 30 minute pre-screening consultation!

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