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How The Tenants Law Firm gamifies pre-screening to capture more lead data

The Tenants Law Firm was established in 2016, as a remote-based practice in Beverly Hills. Led by Daniel Lavi the firm has five attorneys, five paralegals, and other staff, totalling 15+ legal team members, and 40+ total staff. 
Published on
May 23, 2023

The Tenants Law Firm was established in 2016, as a remote-based practice in Beverly Hills. Led by Daniel Lavi the firm has five attorneys, five paralegals, and other staff, totalling 15+ legal team members, and 40+ total staff. 

Challenges prior to Lawbrokr 

Despite leveraging multiple technologies for its operations, the firm faced a significant challenge with its client intake process.

Prior to Lawbrokr, the firm was leveraging publicly facing intake forms via a  "Book a Consultation" button on its website. This resulted in multiple issues:

  • Relevant Client Identification: Incomplete information provided by prospective clients made it difficult to determine if the case was appropriate or needed to be referred out.
  • Incomplete Forms: Many times, fields in the intake form were not filled out by the clients, leading to insufficient data for case evaluation.
  • Documentation Issues: Prospective clients often didn't upload documentation as the file sizes were too large.
  • Intake Backlog: These challenges resulted in a massive backlog in client intake.

The calling-in procedure had its own challenges:

Paralegals used a printed general intake form as a guide for their script during phone consultations. This method turned out to be time-consuming and manual. They had to input basic information and then scan the handwritten notes, making it hard for law clerks and other team members to understand the notations, especially when clients spoke quickly.

Leveraging technology to streamline the intake process

To address these problems, Peter Dickinson, the firm's law clerk (and in-house technology guru), started exploring various automation tools that could streamline the intake process and save valuable time, in conjunction with their Clio Grow intake platform. 

Evaluation and Selection

The firm evaluated different tools, including, chatbots. Despite appreciating the chatbot's interactivity, the firm found that the mapping of responses was complicated and was concerned that an AI chatbot may not be well received by clients.

On the other hand, Lawbrokr, recommended by one of the paralegals, offered several appealing features:

  1. Clean aesthetics and readability: The manner in which Lawbrokr presented the information was user-friendly and easy to comprehend.
  2. Customization and branding: The tool's integration with the firm's site maintained their brand continuity.
  3. Simplicity for non-tech users: The Lawbrokr “Storefront” allowed even those who were not tech-savvy to use the tool effortlessly.

Dickinson found that Lawbrokr was “simple, intuitive, yet powerful” 


Lawbrokr's onboarding experience was well received by the firm. The tool was easy to integrate into their existing workflow without causing any disruptions. The training was simple, even for the attorneys. Dickinson further elaborated on the training process, saying, "Training staff is easy through Lawbrokr University as it's straightforward, broken down simply, and makes it easy to find a quick clip to guide you through the process."

When it comes to the overall experience of using Lawbrokr, Dickinson also shared, for the end client,

"Lawbrokr is just easier - it’s like taking a 'BuzzFeed quiz' - it gamifies the process."  


The firm is optimistic about Lawbrokr's potential impact. By optimizing the search engine results and creating dedicated workflows for specific matters, the tool is expected to save the firm 10+ hours a week, which translates to hundreds of hours per year. The tool's ease of use is anticipated to increase technology acceptance within the firm, thus significantly improving its overall efficiency.

Mr. Lavi envisions that technologies like Lawbrokr, with their simple, intuitive, yet powerful features, will not only transform their intake process but also fundamentally change their approach to information gathering, thus benefiting both their internal operations and client experience.

Curious to see how Lawbrokr eliminates dead-end consultations and provides valuable lead insights? Schedule a free 30 minute pre-screening consultation!

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