Case Study

How to save 3+ hours/week in dead-end consults

O’Rourke Law is a relatively new practice that has scaled to capacity in less than 3 years. With growth on her mind, the goal is to standardize the way her firm operates before continuing to scale team members. Erin needed a way to put guard rails up to protect her time so she could focus on the most important part of her practice… her clients.

April 14, 2023

Running a Practice is HARD

Erin O’Rourke started her law firm in practice in July 2020. One year later, Erin was a finalist for Clio’s Reisman Award for best new law firm. From the outside looking in, it seems easy, but it’s not all rosey! Erin worked tirelessly to build a tech-enabled law firm that allowed her to support her customers anywhere they needed her to. 

But it became overwhelming, and her biggest asset, time began to impact her and drive challenges to her firm. Leads starting flowing in from many different sources, but it was unclear which were the right leads for her firm. Starting a firm you need to find your niche. 

“In all honesty, some leads started to slip through the cracks and I couldn’t get to them for weeks” 

Trilogy of Time 

Before Lawbrokr, Erin would use three methods of intake that ate up her time 

  1. Clio Scheduler (No protection of Time) 
  3. Publicly facing intake forms

Erin spent over 3 hours a week on dead-end consultations with unqualified leads.  

She’s since shifted how she uses Clio Scheduler & her Client facing intake forms. When they were public on her website, Clio Scheduler was exposing her to too much volume, and didn’t protect her biggest asset… Time. Public-facing intake forms were rarely filled out because there was too much data that needed to be collected. It didn’t focus on the “Right Questions” and typically the consumer would fill out a portion, but usually not the questions you wanted them to answer. With Lawbrokr, she now captures the data upfront, and then shares her calendar with the right clients via Clio Scheduler.

By putting a stopgap in place (Lawbrokr), she’s earned back 3 hours a week, and now saves over $1,200 in wasted conversations, allowing her to re-focus her energy on billable clients.

Standardizing on Pre-Qualification

Erin doesn’t do any paid advertisements but has multiple sources of new business: 

The value of a client-facing experience that captures the same data no matter where the client comes from helps organize Erin’s business etc. etc. 

Lawbrokr vs. “Alternatives” 

“When it comes to evaluating tools in the market, I choose Lawbrokr every time!” As someone who has immersed herself in technology, O’Rourke law has tried different combinations throughout the years of tools that could help with organization, pre-qualification, calendaring, and more, but what stands out about Lawbrokr is its simplicity, ease of use, and legal-specific focus. 

Prior to adopting Lawbrokr, O’Rourke law used to publicize long intake forms that were hardly filled out… if they were, the information that was filled out was not the information that was needed! 

She also used to open up her calendar to the public via Clio Scheduler, this worked well until she became inundated and her time became constrained. 

Finally, when evaluating a workflow solution, Erin first looked to Typeform as she currently uses VideoAsk, a Typeform Product. The problem with Typeform's workflow solution for law is the lack of simplicity, user-friendliness, and lack of data insights needed to run my practice properly.